Phoenix 2.4” Digital Wireless Security Camera Video Monitor (22500)

Phoenix 2.4” Digital Wireless Security Camera Video Monitor (22500)

with Invisible LED Night Vision and Two Way Talk Intercom (22500)


defender wireless portable all in one surveillance system with discreet night vision

Ensure your eyes and ears aware at all times with this handy 2.4” wireless video monitoring system by Defender. The camera’s 8 infrared LEDs show you what is happening up to 12ft away in complete darkness. The rechargeable lithium ion battery will perform up to 72 hours in power save mode so you can enjoy full-time, secure monitoring. ClearVu® digital wireless technology provides a clear and secure signal from up to 750ft away. The two-way intercom can be used to communicate with family members, staff and visitors from anywhere on your property. Mount the sleek camera on a wall or sit on a desk and adjust 240° horizontally and 65° vertically for a perfect view. With extra features such as an LED volume indicator, adjustable brightness, and expandability up to 4 cameras, you can be sure your property is in good hands.

invisible led night vision, see what is happening up to 12 feet away in complete darkness

Invisible LED Night Vision

The camera’s 8 invisible infrared LEDs show you what is happening up to 12ft away in complete darkness. “Invisible” LED night vision lights do not cast that distracting red glow. You can monitor your room discretely in the dark without drawing attention to your camera.


Battery life of 72 hours based on 10 audio activations while in power save mode. Battery lasts an average of 6 hours with continuous audio/video usage.
Night vision range up to 12ft under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
Optimum range is 150 feet when signal is passing through walls or floors. Microwave ovens (when in use) may cause signal disruption at close range. Buildings with metal frames may also cause signal disruption. Maximum transmission range is 750ft.
This product is intended for indoor applications only.
DEFENDER® does not endorse any DEFENDER® products for illegal activities. DEFENDER® is not responsible or liable in any way for any damage, vandalism, theft or any other action that may occur while a DEFENDER® product is in use by the purchaser.
We reserve the right to change models, configuration, or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown.
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Image Sensor CMOS
Transmission Range 750ft
Internet Connection N/A
Optimum Transmission Range 150
Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz
Resolution 640 x 480
Night Vision Yes
Number of IR LEDs 8
IR Cut Filter no
Viewing Angle 50 Degree
Microphone Yes
Housing Material ABS Plastic
Wall Mountable Yes
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 Degree Celsius
Power Adapter Input 100~240VAC
Dimensions 3”x3”x3.5”
Unit Weight .25lbs
Screen Size 2.4"
Wireless Frequency 2.4 Ghz
Monitor Type TFT LCD
Resolution 320x240
Speaker Yes
Adjustable Brightness Adjustable: 0,1,2,3,4
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 Degree Celsius
Power Adapter Input 100~240VAC
Dimensions 2.8”x.8”x4.3”
Weight .25lbs
UPC 061783253892
What's Included
  • Night Vision Camera
  • Video Monitor
  • Camera Wedge
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 2 Power Adapters
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    RickBennette August-30, 2016 Tequesta, FL

    The camera is quite sensitive, and has a light sensor on the side (not through the lens) to activate the infrared function when the light level is low. In normal room light, the image is fairly good, even though the frame rate is rather slow (it flickers when the subject moves). At the low light setting, an infrared light comes on, the sensitivity of the camera goes up, but the image is black and white only. Sound quality is decent with a sensitive mic and a volume control. The receiver operates on battery power and is rechargeable. This means you can disconnect AC power and roam around the house if needed without loosing your view. Range is pretty good up to 100 feet indoors and 150 outdoors. The connection from camera to monitor is digital, so the image is clear up to the point where it drops out at the fringes of reception. There's a screen brightness control, but you'll need to find the manual online to discover how to change it, or just experiment by pressing the home button and using the other buttons to navigate the menus. Good luck. They should include a full manual instead of being too cheap to print it and include it in the package.

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